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My Story

After I noticed my hair starting to thin, I decided to wear hair extensions. I tried dozens of hair extensions from various vendors - spending a small fortune in search of real hair. These extensions would arrive pretty and vibrant, blending in easily with my natural hair, but after just a few washes the hair would shed, tangle and become matted even when combed quite regularly. The textures disappeared too and required lots of time curling to match and blend into my own hair again. To make matters worse, these extensions were heavy and felt like wearing plastic.

Through several tests (including the burn test), I discovered many of these hair extensions to not even be human hair but plastic or yaki hair. When it was human hair, it wasn't Remy or Virgin but instead originating from hair manufacturers overseas that collected the hair off the floor of temples or hairbrushes. The hair in these circumstances is in a jumble before being collected, eliminating the possibility of the cuticles facing the same direction and being Remy. These manufacturers hide this fact by stripping the cuticles of the hair and dipping them in vats of silicone, attempting to give the impression of smoothness and consistency to the cuticle. The texture is achieved by chemical or steam processes, eliminating the possibility of being Raw or Virgin. It's only after washing these extensions a few times that the silicone washes off and the hair is revealed for what it actually is: not Remy, Raw, or Virgin.

Quality Hair Extensions

I then started working with salons and was able to obtain real human hair with a beautiful naturally occurring texture that blended in quite nicely with my own hair. I also had to learn and design a weft strong enough to prevent shedding, but remain thin. Through trial and error, I finally wefted my first hair extension. I discovered that I didn't need as much real hair to achieve the same fullness compared to brand name extensions that were heavy and definitely not comfortable enough to wear all day (with the added possibility of Traction Alopecia).

My extensions were now 100% Remy, Raw, Virgin hair but still lightweight enough to wear throughout the day and even night without damaging the scalp. And I created a strong weft that could quickly blend it into my own natural hair and have beautiful, thick hair. I felt good wearing my extensions and really loved the feeling it gave me. It was at this point that I realized that other women were searching for real hair extensions too.

I started Endless Hair Extensions to fill a void that was apparent to me and other women. I know you'll love them as much as I do!



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