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How To Wear Endless Hair Extensions

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to install and blend Endless Hair Extensions with your own natural hair! You can as I did attach multiple extensions (for instance a 5" and 8" weft) to add even more volume to your hair. Note that I'm demonstrating with my clip in hair extensions. 


To sum up what I did in the video to install my clip in extensions:

1) Make a part right above the nape of the neck to clip in the first extension (in my case a 5" weft)

2) Create a part right behind the ears and attach the second (8") weft

3) Let your hair down!

Of course, this is only an example and your needs and weft size and length may vary depending on the style and volume you're trying to achieve.

While I used clip in, you can do the same with sew in via a slightly different install method. 

For a brief explanation of how to sew clips on an extension:

1) First, locate and cut the tracks

2) Apply a dab of fray stop where the weft was cut to prevent possible shedding

3) Sew the clips on making sure to match the color of the thread to the color of the hair extension

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