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How To Save Time and Money With Endless Hair Extensions

Here are 4 quick ways Endless Hair Extensions will save you time and money! 

1) Because my extensions are 100% Remy, Raw, Virgin hair, they will not become a tangled, matted mess after just a few washes. My extensions are natural, without chemical or steamed processes so there is no silicone to wash off. 

2) Compared to other brands, and because the hair is real, you will save money, not needing as much hair (ounces) to achieve beautiful, fuller hair and to blend in with your own hair. You will also save money not having to repurchase hair extensions every few months. With proper care, my extensions will last several years. 

3) You will save time wearing my extensions! It only takes a few minutes to clip in my extensions, and once in, you can wash, shampoo, condition, and style them as often as you like even with them on your head. No special treatment or styling needed to blend in with your own hair. 

4) You can sleep with my extension on! You don't need to remove them at night just to have to clip them back in again in the morning. They are lightweight enough to not feel them at night. 

Remy: Human hair that is cut from a ponytail with the cuticles in the same direction. Non-Remy hair is swept off a salon or temple floor and dipped in silicone to create the appearance of silkiness. The cuticles, unlike Remy hair, are not in the same direction. 

Virgin/Raw: Untouched human hair with absolutely no processes done to achieve perfect color or texture. You may even find a strand of grey hair in some of our extensions.


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