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How To Care For Your Endless Hair Extensions

Here are a few quick tips to keep your Endless Hair Extensions looking beautiful.

Although you can wash, shampoo, and condition your Endless Hair Extensions as many times as you like, a good rule of thumb is to wash them after 4-6 wearings to prevent the natural buildup of dust and grime. If you wish to dye or bleach your extensions, use a sulfate free shampoo to prevent damage to the colored hair. The sulfates may also cause unwanted frizziness (especially in curly hair).

Brush our extensions as you would your own hair to prevent tangling or breakage. You can use your fingers to remove larger tangles and then a wide tooth comb or brush to finish.

Simply treat our hair as you would your own natural hair and avoid extreme practices that would otherwise cause damage to the extensions (excess heat, ripping hair with a brush, etc).

Remember that you don't need to give any special care to our extensions!

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