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For Brown #2 we offer 4 curlys, 2 waves and 2 straight texture styles. All of our Sew In bundles range from 1 Oz to 8 Oz (100 grams)* and come in lengths 13" and 26" Inch with premium 100% Remy, raw, and virgin Indian Temple human hair
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Extra Kinky Frizzy

Plenty of extra kinky curls and waves to go around.


Kinky Frizzy

A simple kinky curly texture with consistent frizz in the body.


Minimal Frizzy

Curly with less frizz and found mostly at the ends.


Smooth Minimal Frizzy

Classic body wave style minimal to no frizz throughout the body.



Wave with Frizzy

Wavy with a curly S pattern in its texture with some frizzy mostly at the bottom of the hair

 Smooth Wave with Minimal Frizzy

Smooth Wavy texture with a minimal to zero amount of frizzy found throughout out the body of the hair


Smooth Straight Wave

Classic straight. A Smooth straight texture with a wave running through the body of the hair from the top to the bottom

Smooth Straight with a Slight Wave

Our straightest texture. Smooth straight hair with the slightest of waves running throughout the hair.

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