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Sleeping with Clip In Hair Extensions on?

Sleeping with Clip In Hair Extensions on?

January 17, 2018

One of the most misleading and confusing subjects in the world of clip in hair extensions is whether you can sleep in your clip in hair extensions or not.

Most hair manufactures will say you cannot and should not sleep with your hair extensions on. This is due to the potential for damage to your scalp from wearing heavy hair extensions. I used to believe it as it made sense to me. All that potential of the clips weight and pulling on your scalp and hair at night, perhaps magnified with your natural sleep movements. I certainly didn't want to hurt my own hair on the scalp, so I was cautious about sleeping in them.

When I started wearing hair extensions-those brands were labeled Remy, raw and virgin but were anything but that-I'll save that for another blog post:)

Whatever these extensions were though, they were heavy and ridiculously cumbersome. Many clips and many ounces or grams to fulfill my look. I tried to sleep in them because it took a good amount of time and effort to get them just right, blended in and feeling right, I wanted to feel natural all day and not feel unnatural, taking my hair out to simply go to bed.

But soon I'd realize unfortunately that these extensions were not to be slept in.

They would pull at my natural hair and scalp during the night and wake and disrupt me, and be simply downright uncomfortable. I couldn't put my head down on the pillow right with any comfort. And it had the feeling of being silly and fake. In the morning the clips would be completely out of place anyways, sometimes even creating knots, and I'd have to redo my hair.

I would have to get up and take them out in the middle of the night if I happened to fall asleep with them still in.

If and when I did make it thru the night, my hair would be disheveled and the clips would be out of place and be creating knots and tangles. I'd have to take them all out and redo my entire hair anyways which was very time-consuming.

But, that was before I started wearing the good stuff.

Finally, the day came when I started wearing really true authentically Remy, raw, and virgin human hair-my whole life changed! I did end up falling asleep inevitable with these extensions on soon after purchasing them. My head rested on my pillow with so much comfort that I sleep right thru the night.

I have never looked back!   

I myself can contest to the fact that you CAN indeed sleep with clip in extensions! I DO sleep in my extensions and have done so for almost 5 years with zero negative consequences like scalp damage or irritation, hair loss etc. and I always get a full night's comforting rest regularly, which is a must for me.                  

My hair extensions are lightweight but the clips still shift and move some but nowhere to the extent my previous extensions did! I spend an extra 5 minutes or so combing my hair extensions but what a fine and fair tradeoff! I get out bed each morning now feeling natural and easygoing. Nothing to do but comb my hair which has to be done anyway. 

Since that first night, I simply either wear a light ponytail with a scrunchy or twirl my hair around my fingers and place to the side of my head, this helps to keep not only my extensions neater but my own hair as well. I sometimes don't do anything and in the end, I simply have to comb my hair after waking. 

I personally attribute this that I don't wear as many grams or ounces of hair when it is truly Remy and with a naturally occurring texture. The hair extensions are lighter and so the clip has less weight to pull on and I personally need fewer tracks or wefts to fulfill my look.

I wear less than 100 grams/3.5 ounces. I used to have to wear almost twice that amount when I was buying and wearing hair that was NOT Remy and NOT a naturally occurring texture. 

To be precisely clear: This blog post is specifically about myself achieving a good, comfortable nights rest, regularly while sleeping in raw, Remy, virgin, naturally occurring textures type clip in hair extensions. This is my sole story.

I hope it helps those of you who wonder If you can actually sleep in your clip in hair extensions or not.

I hope you give it a try! 

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