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Can I Work Out Wearing Hair Extensions?


I've heard countless girls tell me how they really want to wear hair extensions but they workout most days and are unsure if they can workout with hair extensions on. I used to think this when I wore non-Remy, non-virgin, and non-raw hair extensions too but I discovered after several years that unless you wear quality hair extensions and wear them correctly, it's true, you won't be able to wear hair extensions and workout. 

Having an active lifestyle, including running or any type of aerobic exercise doesn’t have to exclude you from wearing hair extensions, even clip in extensions. Actually, you can run a marathon and run daily and still have great looking hair during and after your run.

It's essential that you choose quality hair extensions and know how to wear them properly during and after working out. Personally, I like to use a baseball hat when I'm running so I can simply put my hair into a ponytail and go. If you don't like wearing a hat you can also pull your hair into a ponytail and run or exercise like that. Whatever method you choose, make sure it’s loose enough to prevent putting too much stress on your own hair and scalp. After working out you can simply pull your hair out of the back of the hat or take off your hair tie or scrunchy and simply brush and style your hair as usual. When I want a break from running and switch over to lap swimming, I still wear my hair extensions. Instead of a baseball cap, I'll use a swimming cap. Unless you've recently bleached your hair, the chlorinated pool water won't affect Remy, virgin, raw hair extensions. 

If you wear poor quality (non-Remy, non-virgin, and not raw) hair extensions, you can expect the extensions to fall apart after coming in contact with your sweat, finding the clips tearing out after strenuous exercise and not being able to wash them with your own natural hair post workout. I wore poor quality hair extensions for a number of years and tried to work out in them but found that if I wanted to keep my extensions, I'd have to take them out and workout. I thought this was how it was until I discovered that my hair extensions were garbage and Remy, virgin, raw extensions were superior to their counterparts in that they allowed me to treat them like my own natural hair and thus workout in them if I wished.

I started wearing hair extensions 7 years ago. I used to wear non-Remy hair extensions with steam or chemical created textures and colors and theses specific type hair extensions- were too heavy to run in never mind swimming in!

I hope you find this helpful in your journey towards working out while wearing hair extensions!

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