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Running with Clip in Hair Extensions



'I really want to wear hair extensions but I run most days, there’s no way I can have hair extensions in my hair, the sweat and the act of running will just mess them up”.  I've heard this said and I myself used to think it when I wore non-Remy, non-virgin, and non-raw hair extensions.

This is what I call a hair extension myth.

Having an active lifestyle, including running or any type of aerobic exercising, doesn’t have to exclude you from wearing hair extensions, even clip in extensions.

Actually, you can run a marathon and run daily runs and have great looking hair during and after your run.

It’s simply about how you wear your hair during your workout. I like to use a baseball style hat myself for running, so I simply put my hair out behind into a ponytail and that's it. If you don't like wearing a hat you can simply pull your hair into a ponytail and run or excise like that.

I'm specifically referring to Remy, raw, virgin clip in hair extensions with naturally occurring textures as this is what I prefer to wear and I run daily 3-5 miles.

Whatever hairstyle you prefer for your daily workout, make sure it’s loose enough so as to not put much stress on your own hair and scalp.

After you can simply pull your hair out of the back of the hat or take off your hair tie or scrunchy and simply brush and style your hair as usual.

When I want a break from running and I switch over to lap swimming for working out. I still wear my hair extensions while swimming a mile or more.

I simply put my hair and hair extensions into a swimming cap, I'd be wearing a swimming cap anyways so there is no extra work needed there.You might hate wearing a cap, but a swimming cap is preferable to having a mess of hair after a swim even without hair extensions. Many pools require them to be worn anyways.

Remember that chlorinated water doesn’t affect hair extensions so there are no negative any issue there unless you've bleached your extensions and the color could be affected by the chlorine.

If you are wearing real human Remy/virgin/raw human hair extensions made of hair and thread and materials used to create the weft/track, chlorine would have no effect on your extensions.

The same rules of swimming apply to the rules of going into a steam room or sauna. 

I started wearing hair extensions 7 years ago. I used to wear non-Remy hair extensions with steam or chemical created textures and colors and theses specific type hair extensions- were too heavy to run in never mind swimming in!

So I  had to take them out and put back in after working out! I'm so happy that  I discovered the ease of lifestyle wearing Remy, raw, virgin clip in hair extensions with naturally occurring textures.

This is my story and how and why I continue to run daily with my hair extensions in!

Hope you find this helpful in your journey into and with wearing hair extensions while running!

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