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How to Pick Your Hair Extensions' Texture

Finding the right hair texture can and should be time-consuming as it is the most important and significant step in the selection of your sew in or clip in hair extension. This simple, but essential step will save you valuable time, energy and money in the long run if selected correctly. 

The key to wearing natural looking human hair extensions is actually quite simple: match the texture of the hair extension to your own natural hair texture.

If you're unsure of your hair's texture, wash or wet your hair and examine the strands closely. 


Pay close attention to the strands and see if there is a curl, wave, frizz or straight pattern. There may very well be multiple patterns in your hair.

Here are some points to consider:

  • Is your texture smooth with a bit of frizz or completely smooth?
  • Is there more frizz at the ends or throughout your hair?
  • Is your hair straight or does it have a small slight wave?
  • What size wave does your straight have?
  • Are your curls spiral curls or loose long waves or somewhere between?
  • Is your natural hair a mix of textures? If yes, define which textures.   
  • Is your texture smooth or coarse?        

Remember it's all about texture, texture, texture! Color and length are secondary.

Once you've selected your texture, you can match the color to your natural hair or, if needed color, dye, or bleach the extension if you choose.

So you've found your texture. Now the fun begins! You'll find that most if not all of the daily maintenance you might be used to while wearing hair extensions are gone while wearing naturally occurring textures.

Check out these natural occurring textures.


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