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Sew In and Clip In Hair Extension Textures

Its all about texture. Sew in and Clip in Human Hair Extensions should:

  • Virgin/ raw: have had absolutely no steam or chemical processing done to achieve their texture or color, and so, therefore, having a naturally occurring texture and color. 
  • Remy: Been cut as a ponytail haircut not collected off the floor or hairbrush.

Can be coarse or smooth, depending on where the hair originated from.

Find a texture that will blend into your own hair and become a true extension of your own hair's texture.

You will not have to curl, flat iron or do any of the daily maintenance and will blend in easily and comfortably with minimal work when wearing Remy and virgin/raw hair extensions.

 Curlies can range from the curly wave with extra kinky frizzy to smooth body wave with minimal to zero frizzies at the ends and throughout the extension.

And all the in-between!



Waves come in many textures. A smooth wave with some frizziness at the ends to a smooth wave with minimal frizzy at the ends. 



Straights come in coarse or smooth. Straight waves that have a slight wave and a straight wave that carries a bigger wave throughout the body of the extension.



Natural Black is the darkest shade found in the natural world with warm dark rich black tones throughout and can have natural ombre at the ends. Darkest brown #2 can also have natural ombre at the ends.  Truly raw and virgin hair can simply be dyed or bleached to match your own hair color if necessary or desired.

Have an exciting and fun time choosing your hair extensions texture, it's a very rewarding and satisfying experience!

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